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About Us


Tokket is a gamification platform that blends social media, education, information, and games.  We will have many apps that help you communicate better, achieve goals, and grow you as a person.  


Games will be free to play in the virtual world or real world. They will be single player, multiplayer, and team based that will strengthen bonds with family members, teammates, and friends.

Knowledge Base

Tokkepedia has over a couple of hundred Tok types and can house words, phrases, and information on any subject or topic.  You will gain knowledge and wisdom from others (and others will learn from you) through the social sharing of what you know, learn, and speak.   Tokkepedia is now in beta.  You can check it out at Tokkepedia.com  - the social and playable knowledge app! 

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email info@tokket.com

We can't for you to enjoy our apps, knowledge base and games!